(n) 1. Concept artist; Illustrator;
UI artist; all around dork
Archeia Says this about Marimo:
Great Best Friend Forever~
She's very great to talk with and fun to hang around. Knows alot of stuff.
She's also a great artist, both concept and final wise~ 
Stop saying you suck Marimo >:V
When she's not doing any Visustella stuff, she showers me with awesome BL.
And very rare ArcherxShiro, Marry me ♥

Marimo Says this about HERSELF:
Age is classified. Her dream was to rule the art world at age 19, 
but passed that and still working on it.
These are her Favorite things:

Dante (DMC 1-4), Breath of Fire (mostly 3-5), Dragon Quest, games,
BL, Archer, Faire (fifi), Dragons, dotHack G.U., One Piece, Zoro (One Piece),
Luffy (One Piece), ZoLu, inspiration, motivation, friends, Achii.

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♠ Archeia 

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