(n.) 1. Spriter; Artist; she can do everything; Team Leader; STD's Seme

Marimo Says this about Achii:
I'm too tired to write cool stuff but I shall return and fill this section with goodies.

Archeia Says this about HERSELF:
I'm an arting starvist.
I'm a masochistic and a sadist when it comes to game making.
I say this because I tend to be a workaholic and not get any proper rest.
I also tend to be very ambitious and overload myself with work.
I am always showered with ideas and try to turn them in to games.
Because of this, I have so many projects!
And I reel in these poor suckers great people to help me make it ♥
Wait! Guys! Don't kill me! I'm sorry, I was joking!!!
I don't think you're suckers! Trust me!
*brutally murdered*

These are her favorite things:
Kaito, Minato, BL, blue haired people, sprites, games, Eva, 
Shinji, Kaji and Shinji almost kissu scene, Kaworu

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